Parrotfish II

lustful and
wash without rest

I think parrotfish mating would make for an entertaining broadway narrative.

Danny Bullet is a bumphead parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) with a temper. He grew up in one of the roughest lagoons in Northern Australia. He’s got his own territory now but often gets into brawls with other guys. His battle wounds are always on display on his giant forehead – his weapon of choice when fighting males that swim too close.

Flashback scene to fight between Danny Bullet and rival.

It’s Tuesday at sunrise. A full moon is nigh. Danny is on the prowl. Schools of lady parrotfish arrive on the scene. Danny bolts toward Sandy, who is with Betty, Frenchie, Jan and 20 other females. His face blushes white.

Heartfelt solo by Danny.

Danny casually circles back to his territory. The ladies blush white and approach him.

Dramatic violin and spotlight on Danny and his harem.

The group ascends and eggs and sperm are released simultaneously. 

Percussion section, fortissimo.

Other groups enter stage left, the fog machine is turned on and white haze blankets the audience.